How to Make a Home Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

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Dealing with insurance companies can be some of the most stressful moments of your life. When your roof is damaged by a natural disaster or storm and you are no longer able to live there, the stakes are even higher.

The roof is one of the most expensive repairs any homeowner will ever have to make, and if there is any dispute on the insurance claim, you could be left out of pocket thousands of dollars.

Even if your insurance covers the repairs to the roof, navigating the claims process can still be extremely stressful. There will be countless phone calls, emails, and meetings with everyone involved. To help ensure this does not happen, we will provide you with everything you need to know about how to make a home insurance claim for roof damage in this article.

What We Will Cover in this Article:

  • What types of Roof Damage are covered by Insurance Companies? 
  • What to do if your Roof is damaged?
  • Have your Insurance Coach Perform a Loss Statement Assessment
  • Tips on Filing a Roof Insurance Claim
  • A Brief Summary on Home Insurance Claims for Roof Damage

What Types of Roof Damage are covered by Insurance Companies? 

The type of roof damage that your insurance company will cover depends entirely on your policy’s terms. Most policies will cover roof damage that occurs suddenly, or accidentally. Such as roof damage from a storm, like wind damage, hail damage, or snow damage. Insurance companies also payout on roof damage from accidents, like fire or flooding from heavy rains. 

In the event that your roof gets damaged, but it does not need a full replacement you can still receive compensation. Insurance companies typically payout for both roof repairs and roof replacements. Lets look at the type of damage that insurance companies cover: 

Wind: High winds are the most common causes of roof damage. Parts of the roof may blow off in a storm or hurricane and leave the rest of your home exposed. It is crucial that you are covered for this in your insurance policy; it will protect you in the event that your roof is damaged by high winds.

Hail: Another common form of damage to roofs is from hailstorms. Large pieces of hail can leave holes in the roof that weaken the entire structure and put it at risk. If you have a metal roof and try to claim damage from hail, it is likely you will be rejected. In this situation it is often wise to claim the damage was from age, or standard wear and tear, rather than from hail.

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