About Us

People often tend to forget that natural disasters are much more than mere destruction of property...

The devastation caused by even the slightest natural disaster is tremendous. From present to future effects, obstacles and hardships tend to linger along with the victims leaving them with nothing but financial and emotional stress and confusion. So what should one do in this case?

Contact us for one on one coaching or become a private member of educational vault! Wondering why? That is because we are solely here to empathize and compassionately provide our resources, coaching, and guidance to help you get through the claims you have lined up with the government, contractors, and insurance companies to bounce back and rebuild your life from what you have left behind.

Who Are We?

We are your support system! With our 40 plus years of combined financial, housing, insurance, contracting, coaching, and government contract experience, we are equipped to all way to help you move on from the unimaginable aftermath of the disaster that hit you and your family.

Claims can be tough, especially for the one who has no prior experience. But that doesn’t mean you should hold back or let things run their course based on the other party’s decision. You have an equal say in those decisions, and it is time to start using your voice.

Through our one on one coaching,  zoom classes, videos, and pre-written claim letters to the FEMA, S.B.A., contractors, and insurance agencies, you get to exercise your right and maximize your claim. At no point in time will we leave you hanging, especially if you are part of our private membership. Have access to all our videos, complete walk-throughs of how the processes work, and template letters for all your correspondence. We are your rock and no natural disaster can take that away from you!

What Makes Us Unique - Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is what gives us a competitive edge over our competitors. No matter how much an insurance company, government support agency, or contractors promise to put you first, the struggle with them is always real. At the end of the day, their processes are designed to create confused loops, which lead to frustration and giving-up eventually. In short, their processes benefit them, not you.

But there is always a way to maximize your claim and get through all the hurdles to understand and become whole again. We are here to help you understand the process and help you set up a plan of action to work with everyone involved so you can claim what you truly deserve. No more, no less.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to start our very own YouTube channel with in-depth how-to-guides on natural disasters and self-explanatory videos that help you get through the stressful times in your life after a natural disaster. Apart from that we offer informational newsletters, and coaching to individuals looking for guidance to recover and rebuild their life in the aftermath of the storm.