6 Benefits of Working with an Insurance Coach after a Disaster

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The last people you want to deal with in the time of a disaster are your insurance providers. Unfortunately, if your home is damaged they are usually the first call you have to make. Luckily, an insurance coach can be there to guide you along this difficult process. 

Insurance companies often make life more difficult with their regulations and confusing policies. An insurance coach can provide compassion in a time when you really need it. Insurance coaches can make sure you get rightfully compensated when making a claim and they will offer support wherever you need it.  

No matter what stage you are at in your insurance claim process, an insurance coach can help to resolve any disputes and smooth out the entire process. Before you go spending tons of money hiring a lawyer to take your insurance company to court, get in contact with an insurance coach and see how they can help. 

There are countless benefits to adding an insurance coach to your team, lets look at them now: 

The 6 Benefits of Hiring an Insurance Coach During the Insurance Claims Process:

  • Remove Confusion From Insurance Process
  • Maximize Your Claim
  • An Insurance Expert who is on Your Side
  • Free 15-Minute Call to Discuss Insurance Claim
  • No Hidden Costs or Commission
  • Create a Clear Action Plan

Remove Confusion From Insurance Process

Does the thought of going through an insurance claims process make your head spin? Insurance companies love to use confusing technical jargon in their policies, which does nothing more than complicate the process for their members. (Whom they are supposed to help.) 

The insurance claim process is difficult and at times, overwhelming. It often feels like you need a law degree just to read over your policy. You don’t have to let it intimidate you, and prevent you from making a claim in a time of disaster. 

An insurance coach is a professional who is dedicated to helping clients navigate the tricky insurance system They are experts in mitigation, understanding the insurance process and disaster recovery. A good insurance coach will remove confusion from the insurance claims process, while saving you time, money and frustration. They will offer you a clear and efficient path to recovery. 

Our expert team at The Insurance Coach has a primary mission. That is to serve our clients as best as we can. Ensuring they recover quickly, get reimbursed fairly, and can move on with their life as soon as possible. 

For further advice on removing confusion from the insurance process in times of a disaster, download our FREE Insurance guide here. It will provide you with our top 15 tips to dealing with insurance claims adjustors, FEMA, and contractors. We like to call it our ‘Survival Checklist to Sanity’ when going through the insurance claim process. 

Maximize Your Claim

You need money to rebuild, repair and move on with your life. An insurance coach will offer advice and provide an action plan to ensure you maximize this payout.

Insurance companies are known for attempting to decline valid insurance claims. After all, they are a business that will attempt to save money wherever they can. 

One mistake on your behalf when making an insurance claim can cost you thousands of dollars in claims. 

An insurance coach can give guidance and clarity on how much you can rightfully expect when filing a claim. They will look through your policy and assess your loss statement, making sure you are compensated for every dollar you are owed.

If you are going to be disputing insurance claims and payouts, you should seek the advice of an insurance coach. When insurance companies try to rip you off or refuse to pay out your claim, an insurance coach will suggest the best time to hire a lawyer to take the process further. They work with insurance lawyers on a frequent basis and can help you choose on best suited to your needs. 

An Insurance Expert who is on Your Side

The entire insurance claim process can make you feel like it’s you against the world. Your home has just been destroyed by a storm and now your insurance provider is trying to deny or underpay your claim. 

Insurance companies commit wrongful acts all the time. Insurance companies are experts at what they do and know exactly how to work around your policy and offer a lower claim to save their business some money. 

If you feel your provider is treating you unfairly, reach out to an insurance coach and bring an expert on to counsel you through this process. Hiring an insurance coach evens the playing field when you make a claim. 

If your homeowner’s insurance claim is undervalued or rejected, strengthen your team and hire an experienced insurance coach to go over your claim with you. They will put the confusing insurance jargon into easy to understand terms and give you advice on to how much you are entitled to. 

Whether you need guidance around your policy terms, compassion and support through this tough process, someone to read your loss statement, or advice on hiring an insurance lawyer. An expert insurance coach on your team can provide all this and more. 

Free 15-Minute Call to Discuss Insurance Claim

No matter how far along your insurance claims process you are, an insurance coach can almost always help smooth the process. But, the earlier you get in contact with an insurance coach, the more likely it is that they can be effective in helping with your insurance claim. 

The Insurance Coach offers all clients a FREE 15-minute call. Any time you are thinking of making a claim against your insurance provider, give us a call first. Our expert coaches are here to provide expert support, knowledge and help you get back on your feet when a disaster strikes.

If we feel like your insurance claim needs to go further, we will be the first to recommend that you find legal advice, and help you to find a top insurance lawyer. 

Get in touch with one of our team members with a FREE 15-minute discovery call today. In just 15-minutes, you will learn about confusing process of insurance claims, and what you are entitled to. Providing you with confidence and clarity to approach your insurer and get your rightful compensation. 

No Hidden Costs or Commission

We do not take a percentage of your claim. We believe that your money is better spent on repairing or rebuilding your beloved home. At The Insurance Company, our goal is to maximize your claim, without ever taking a percentage of that. 

Unlike Insurance attorneys, our fees are not going to frighten or sneak up on you. We will charge a flat fee that is completely transparent from the beginning of our interaction with you. After the 15-Minute free call, we will discuss our reasonable fees with you. 

By hiring an insurance coach, you pay to have someone on your side that understands how insurance payouts work. They will advise you on ways to get more from your claim. 

Spending a small amount of money on an insurance coach can help you to get thousands of dollars more in insurance claim payouts.

Create a Clear Action Plan

If you do not have an action plan to get you from disaster to rebuild, it can take years to get your claim paid out and have your home rebuilt to its pre-loss condition. 

Insurance coaches will lay out a clear, step-by-step process for filing your insurance claim. At The Insurance Coach, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We can help you negotiate with insurance companies or contractors, or contact government agencies that can help like FEMA or the S.B.A. If required we will provide a plan to help you seek legal counsel.

The aftermath of a disaster and entire insurance process can be extremely stressful. By laying out a clear action plan with your insurance coach you will always feel like you are on the road to recovery, even during those tedious times when it feels like you aren’t making any progress on your claim. 

Questions like “How long does an insurance claim take?” Or, “How does an insurance claim work?” will likely be at the front of your mind during this confusing process. Our expert coaches will provide peace of mind by answering any of your questions and organizing a step-by-step action plan. 

A Brief Summary on the Benefits of hiring an Insurance Coach

The entire insurance process is a confusing and fickle beast. Hiring an expert insurance coach to help guide you through this process will give you an upper hand on your providers. They will help you to get what you are rightfully owed, maximizing your claim and not surprising you with any hidden fees.

Schedule a 15-Minute FREE call with an expert at The Insurance Coach today, and see how one of our team can help with your insurance claim.

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